Nutrisystem Reviews – Does it Work and Worth The Cost

Nutrisystem (3)NutriSystem was found 40 years ago, and since then it has become ideal for healthy and convenient eating habits. The pre-packaged meals by NutriSystem are delivered to you for its convenient usage. The meals are very healthy, which include high protein and whole grains. You have variety of menu choices available at NutriSystem, and the meals are all portion-controlled in order to offer you proper portions. They include low GI (Glycemic Index) which is very useful in reducing your food cravings, which results in reducing your urge to consume fried foods and snacks outside.


NutriSystem diet program is a special weight loss program developed by Harold Ktz in 1972. The program has gained so much of popularity in the health and fitness industry, and has gained a top position among the diet plans. In US news 2012, NutriSystem was acknowledged as the 5th best Best Commercial Diet.

Usually, most people who are overweight want to lose that extra weight but do not like the process involved in it – such as creating a diet plan, shopping for the groceries, and the long cooking time involved in it. This is mostly because of their daily busy schedule. NutriSystem comes handy especially for these people, and saves them from hassles of creating diet plan, going to grocery store, preparing the food and proportioning the meals. The calorie-controlled, pre-prepared meals, desserts and snacks offered by NutriSystem are delivered conveniently to your doorstep. The program offers wide variety of menu choices to choose from as per your preference and choice. Everything that you need to do is just heat the pre-packaged meals just before consuming them, and also you can add your choice of fresh fruits, veggies, and grocery items to the meals to make them even tastier.

How Is NutriSystem Different From Others?

The main thing that makes NutriSystem diet program to stand unique in the industry is its simple approach of not letting you stay hungry to burn the extra calories with its simple approach to healthy weight loss.

The best thing about the company is it is not offering a generalized diet plan for everyone. Rather, it offers you the choice to select a requirements-based meal plan as per your calorie requirement, and the type of meals you consume. It offers flexible diet plans for men, women, diabetics, seniors, people suffering from high blood pressure, and so on. The main aim of these plans is to promote low calorie and low glycemic food intake as per the guidelines of FSA (Food Standards Agency). All the menu items suggested in the NutriSystem plan include low sodium, trans and include high amount of omega-3 fatty acids that promote your heart health.

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How Does The Program Work?

Once after signing up with the program, you will receive a 13 week online plan called Mindset Makeover Behavior Guide, which helps you to understand your association with the diet program. It offers simple steps on how to control your eating habits, and provides access to community support, weekly online newsletters, and health information. You can select and order the plans and menus from the NutriSystem’s official website. Once the order is processed, you will get a 28-day meal shelf-stable meal plan to your doorstep. Then you need to follow it as per the guidelines.

What Are The Meal Plans Available?

Unlike most diet program providers who offer a generalized diet plan for all the individuals, NutriSystem offers variety of plans depending on the requirements of different individuals, as following:

NutriSystem Select: The plan includes three weeks of shelf-stable meals plus one week of frozen meals and desserts.

NutriSystem Advanced: This is a low GI plan which also includes natural fiber and omega-3 fatty acids that offer you a healthy heart.

NutriSystem Flex: It offers you the convenience of having NutriSystem meals only for 5 days a week, and the freedom to have your favorite food during other two days. You can even opt for dine-out in these two days.

NutriSystem Nourish: This 28-day diet program again helps you in losing weight but with two choices – either you can order the meals on the NutriSystem website, prepare them by yourself as per the plan suggested by NutriSystem, or combine both the approaches.

NutriSystem D: This plan is developed specially targeting those who have any type of diabetes and want to lose weight while controlling the blood sugar level in their body.

NutriSystem Silver: This plan targets on senior people who want to lose weight. Along with the diet meals, the plan also offers required nutrition supplements to them.

NutriSystem Vegetarian: The name says it all. This plan is designed especially for vegetarians, and includes lots of good carbs.

NutriSystem For Men: Men usually need 1500 calories a day, and this NutriSystem plan helps them in losing the excess weight without making them stay hungry anytime.

NutriSystem For Women: Women require 1200 calories a day, and this plan helps them in achieving the target calorie level. And, at the same time it supplies all the required nutrients to them to make sure that they do not fall short of the required iron and calcium content.

NutriSystem Family Plan: Achieving your weight lose goal is easier when you involve your family in it. NutriSystem is aware of this fact, and hence offering a family plan. When you opt for this plan, you can save a lot on the meals.

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Diet And Nutrition

The 28-day pre-prepared meals from NutriSystem include all the essential nutrients. Its different meals plans as per the individual requirements make sure that the individual is receiving the required amount calories along with the required nutrients. You have wide-variety of menu choices to select from. The diet includes five sections of meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts.

Unlike, most diet meals which do not offer good taste, NutriSystem meals are all very tasty, and most of the customers are happy with it. The best part it you have the freedom of adding your favorite grocery items, fruits and vegetables to the meals to make them even tastier.

How Much Weight Can I Lose?

According to NutriSystem, you can expect about 1-3 pounds of weight loss a week. But, this is within the NutriSystem guidelines reason as the average calorie intake per day from its meals is in between 1,200 and 1,500. To be clear, it is all about your calorie intake and calorie consumption. You should make sure that you consume lesser calories than you burn, and you will soon achieve an effective weight loss. To get most out of the diet program, you should stick to the NutriSystem guidelines.

NutriSystem Features

Healthy: The NutriSystem program not only just offers you weight loss, but also offers a variety of health benefits. As all the meals in this program are pre-planned, it is easier for you to count your calorie consumption. These meals offer the calorie levels as per the individual body requirement. So, when you are consuming meals with controlled calories, you will obviously stay away from most health related ailments.

Simple And Convenient: When you work towards you weight loss goals, it is not so easy for you to know about every ingredient that can make your meals more effective in losing weight. On contrary, when you chose NutriSystem program, you do not need to worry about the ingredients that can help you achieving your weight loss goal. You can simply order the menu choice that you like, because NutriSystem takes care of the ingredients that can help you lose weight effectively. Everything you need to do is to just heat the meals, and consume them.

Support: The Company offers both telephonic as well as online support to help the registered members to talk to the dieticians in order to get their queries answered during the weight loss process. So, in case you have a diet related to the program, you can simply contact the team, and get it answered.

Different Approaches: NutriSystem follows a different approach when compared to most of its competitors. It relies on low GI meals which help you controlling your hunger pangs. The program offers different plans for different individuals. And, even you can opt for the NutriSystem Flex plan which offers you the freedom of having NutriSystem meals for 5 days of the week, dining out and having your favorite food 2 days a week.

Tasty Food: Most individuals are scared of opting for pre-packaged diet program because the meals do not offer good taste. However, meals offered by NutriSystem are very tasty. You do not need to make your taste buds suffer when you stick to NutriSystem diet plans. They offer wide variety of tasty menu choices for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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What Are The Benefits?

  • Offers clear weight loss instructions
  • Includes various healthy meals, desserts and snacks
  • Offers different requirements-based diet plans
  • Offers balanced nutrition
  • Promotes physical activities
  • The program makes it very simple to eat less number of calories
  • Meals are portion-controlled
  • You do not need to do any calorie counting
  • Other than NutriSystem Select plan, you do not need to refrigerate any of the meals
  • The meals need little to no preparation
  • Online counselors are available to help you cope up with your weight loss goal
  • The program offers weekly e-classes for 30 minutes per session, which is led by expert dieticians
  • Numerous online tools and guides available for the registered members
  • Offers a guide called Mindset Makeover, which helps you stick to the long-term weight control program
  • Offers a Dining Out guide which provides you with the smarter menu choices at the restaurant.
  • Offers workout and exercise guide that helps you indulge in physical activities to lose weight more quickly
  • Tools are available to track your body measurements, activity level and weight.

Who is NutriSystem For?

Anybody who seriously wants to drop those extra pounds from the body but do not like to go through the hassles of creating a diet plan, shopping for the groceries, cooking the food, and counting the portions can opt for NutriSystem diet program. Convenience is surely a strong point here. The portion-controlled meals are pre-packaged and ready-to-eat that you can carry them to your school, work or even you can consume them on road without having to stay away from your diet plan.


If the diet meals delivery appeals to you but you have a limited budget, you do not need to worry about it anymore. Because, NutriSystem is offering healthy weight loss diet program online at very reasonable pricing. Its pre-packaged, ready-to-eat meals help you lose weight without you having to count on the calorie consumption, creating diet plan, shopping for groceries, and preparing the meals. The meal provider takes care of all these aspects. Everything you need in order to achieve your weight loss goal is to order the suitable diet plan, and consume them without fail.

The meals offered by NutriSystem are very tasty unlike most of its competitors, and the menu choice here is huge. You will definitely have your favorite food item in Nutrisytem’s menu. So, you do not have to eat something that you do not like or not so tasty just to lose excess weight. You can now lose the excess weight by consuming your favorite and tasty food. The menu also includes a good range of tasty desserts and snacks that help you both in weight loss and good health.

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